A study carried out at the British Institute of Psychiatry found that multi-tasking reduced workers’ intelligence and that those distracted by multi-tasking saw a ten-point fall in their IQ, over twice the impact of smoking or marijuana use.

Bottom line, multi-tasking makes you dumber and less productive.

How could that be?

A couple of reasons, says the study. First, multi-tasking is less efficient, due to the need to switch gears for each new task, and the switch back again.

Multi-tasking is more complicated, and thus makes you more prone to stress and errors.

Multi-tasking causes distractedness…so you never really learn something well in the first place.

Your brain can only make one decision at a time. When distracted while performing a task, it takes a certain amount of time to begin the new task, complete the new task and get back on track with the original task.

What’s scary about this study is with the current mania for cell phones, text messaging, Twitter, etc….we’re all going to end up ADD!

So Day 3 of Simplifying Life is to try and reduce multi-tasking. Just for today. Let’s see if it makes a difference. Let me know what you think.

It’s really about being “more present.” These two words can make a huge difference in simplifying life. Living here and now, in the moment, keeps you aware of life, of what is going on around you and within you.

It does wonders for your sanity.

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