The Secret to Happiness

Fired from her dream job after making a huge mistake, Callie Dixon lands at her aunt’s Cape Cod ice cream shop, hoping that in time, she’ll bounce back. But she made that mistake for a reason that time won’t help. When her cousin drags her to a class on happiness, the instructor–curiously gloomy and demanding–has a way of turning her feelings upside down. 


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“Fisher (On a Coastal Breeze) introduces readers to a little-known literacy crusade in this enjoyable romance set in turn-of-the-20th-century rural Kentucky.”


“Fisher (Mending Fences) delivers a refreshing story about reconnecting with family and discovering one’s purpose in life.”


Happy endings are important. Science backs me up on that! Studies have found that people are more likely to repeat experiences that finish on a pleasurable note. After all, there’s a reason dessert comes last.

But there’s another reason happy endings are important. It’s called HOPE. Life might knock us down over and over, but we keep getting back up. All because we have a hope that, in the end, things are going to work out.

And hope is one of the greatest gifts given to us by our Maker.

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Meet Suzanne

I’m a wife, mother and grandmother, dedicated tennis player, enthusiastic home cook and gardener, and a lover of books.

You might be wondering why a girl from California is writing about the Amish in the Pennsylvania, Quakers in historical Nantucket, literacy in Kentucky, camping in Maine, and now ice cream on Cape Cod. There’s an easy answer to that—I have an overdeveloped sense of curiosity. Most writers do!

So while I write about different subjects and in varied time periods, there is always a theme to my books: to uplift my readers with stories that spread hope, truth and love.

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The Secret to Happiness

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