I was at a book club the other night, and the host raised an interesting question: 
What helps you to meditate on the Lord?
One woman answered that she goes through the alphabet with names for God. A for Almighty, B for Bountiful, C for Creator… I loved it! 
So I put this Q up on Facebook to ask my FB friends to chime in–they always have interesting thoughts to share. Here are some answers… 
Ammie O.:  I get up first thing in the morning…way before the other humans in the house. A cup of tea, the dog at my feet, and my Bible.
Donna B.:  Gospel music, especially good old fashioned hymns.Sherry S.  Just alone time, usually in my car on my drive in to work. There are no tv’s, radios or phones. Total quiet.
Judy B.: On my morning walks…it’s just the Lord and myself! Time for Prayer..time for listening!
Twyla L.:  I love music so I listen to Christian music the whole day. 
Jessica W.: hymns
Jami B.: Music or looking at the sunshine through the skylight in my prayer closet. 
Kathie H.: You won’t believe it but I do the same thing as your friend. I go through the alphabet with names for God. I love that it stretches me and reminds me of how AWESOME God is and yet He still loves me and cares for me. Amazing!!
Marsha H.: Good Christian music!!!!
Patti M.: Sometimes when I feel like I need a good parent to talk to, I have a chat with HIM and imagine myself sitting at his feet.

For me, I take a piece of Scripture from my morning reading and ponder it when I take a walk or garden or brush the dog in the sunshine. And music helps, too. Fills my mind with much higher, deeper thoughts than the ones that normally run through my head!
I like to think this is the gopher that has taken resident in my garden. 
What about you? What helps you meditate on the Lord? Please chime in! 

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