Are you watching American Idol this season? We are!

Mainly…it’s fun and light TV and it isn’t about the economy or Iraq. (Or…in the month of March…basketball.)

I can’t believe the talent…every single one could make it in the music industry. I think my favorites are Danny Gokey and Lil Rounds, but the one I have to watch is Adam Lambert. There’s something about him…that Johnny Cash “Ring of Fire” he did was weird but memorable. Hate it or love it…you’ll remember it. Imagine being at a concert and having him perform it. Wow.

I read an interesting article in the Sunday paper…over half of the remaining eleven finalists have regularly performed at places of worship. Three of those six contestants have worked as worship leaders at their respective churches back home.


And how do you like The Other Judge? Paula is still as erratic as ever…I like the way The Other Judge balances her out.

And the biggest question of all…does anyone stand out as THE star to you?

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