So we’re getting down to the homestretch for American Idol.

I still think Adam Lambert is the most creative, unique artist (the judges are VERY clear that this silly TV show is about artistry). Here’s an old you tube clip of Adam that will bring tears to your eyes.

But last week, I was really wowed by Danny Gokey. He stepped it up! And I think Kris Allen is very appealing, though my friend Stacey thinks he’s boring.

I wish I liked Alison more because I know she’s talented, but every time she opens her mouth, she seems so … bubble-heady. Like, nothing much going on up there.

Last week, Adam was in the bottom three. But don’t you wonder how big is the spread now? I mean, these are five very talented artists (arteests!). It could be a matter of a few hundred votes. Ryan Seacrest said that over 40 million people had voted…but I think that should be amended to say that 40 million votes had come in.

And I think they all came from ten 13-year-old girls in Texas who text messaged their votes until their cell phone batteries wore out. I think it’s Texas because so many schools have been closed for swine flu down there.

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