For the last few days, my thoughts and prayers have been 2,000 miles away, in a hospital room with Anna, my college friend’s 26-year-old daughter. Anna has been battling neuroblastoma for the last decade. Anna has been fighting this rare cancer so remarkably–she’s continued through college and now a master’s degree, all while undergoing treatments.
A week ago, she spiked a fever and was hospitalized. It quickly bloomed into double pneumonia as Anna’s condition deteriorated into critical condition. That meant…a ventilator. Very, very, very serious.
On Friday, Anna’s dad asked for prayer. And so thousands of people have been praying for this dear young woman and her family. 
Here’s the latest from her dad (posted Sunday noon)… 
Today is a good day.

With so, so many praying so, so fervently, Anna has made a rather dramatic turn-around. Her pulmonologist has her on course to try to remove the ventilator tube tomorrow. We’ll have to see just how well her oxygen levels hold today at the lower level of oxygen input. Having reduced the levels a notch or two, she is more than holding her own. One more reduction later in the day; we’re continuing to pray for clear lungs and a strong body. 

Today is a good day.
After one last meeting with her professors yesterday, today Anna officially graduated with her MA in Clinical Psychology. What’s graduation without a cap and gown (Anna stuck with the hospital gown) and an official, semi-official, diploma!

9/11: I, for one, am liking the sound of that particular date.

This is the Lord’s day!
Please keep praying with me for Anna. I am updating on Facebook. If you’d like to learn more about Anna, here is her website:   Thank you so much!

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