Today, my husband is sitting in a courtroom in the county courthouse hoping and praying he won’t be selected for jury duty.

The judge said the trial will last one month. A month! I know it’s a great privilege to have a jury of one’s peers, but wow! What a sacrifice for busy people, to have to put aside their lives and sit in a courtroom, day after day, listening to one’s defense for a crime. Bleak!

One fellow tried to explain to the judge that he was a salesman on commission. If he lost a month of work, he’d lose a month of salary.

“Can you pay your mortgage next month, even if you serve on jury duty?” the judge asked.

“I…guess so,” the fellow said.

“Then you’re in the jury pool,” the judge answered, hard heartedly. “Next!”

My husband left for the day with as much enthusiasm as if he were facing an execution squad.

My son and I coached him at dinner on how to answer the District Attorney’s and the Public Defender’s questions, to get dismissed. Quickly. You know, things like…pretending you have an invisible person on each shoulder, telling you what to say. Or twitching uncontrollably.

I’ll keep you posted on today’s judicial outcome.

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