I love birds. All kinds (well, except crows). Everywhere we’ve lived, even in a 44 story skyscraper in Hong Kong, birds have nested near us. In our Hong Kong apt., a bird couple built their nest on the airconditioner that jutted out the window. Such fun to watch the little avarian family grow! Probably sounds silly, but I’ve always considered it a blessing to have birds choose our home for a nest. I feel as if they sense they’re safe. A true birder would scoff and call that an anthropomorphic sentimentality.

Our current home is near a lot of open space and flocks of wild turkeys roam the areas. Often, they choose our large pine trees to roost in at night. The thing is…once they start to roost here, then I expect them. And worry about them if they don’t appear at dusk.

A few years ago, a regularly roosting flock included one turkey with a bum leg. That little guy struggled. He would hop down the street, hurrying to keep up with his flock. But he did! We saw him all summer long.

This year, I have another turkey worry. Since April, there has been one lone turkey that comes around to roost. One! My guess is that he’s a juvenile and has been kicked out of the flock to go start a flock of his own. (Do any of you have any other ideas as to why a turkey would be alone?) Here it is June, and we see him pecking at the tall grasses down the street, roosting in the pine tree, all alone. Kinda sad!

But I have happy news! The other night, I was taking a walk and there he was! With a missus!  

My worry is over for the Lone Turkey!

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Turkey

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