For those of you who have shared my worry about the MOB dress…as of yesterday afternoon, it arrived! It is now hanging in my closet, pressed and ready for Saturday.

It’s just the kind of dress I imagined it to be and far more capably sewn than I could have ever, ever managed. I think I could wear it inside out and no one would be the wiser.

One thing I’m learning about weddings…the hardest part of planning is that there are glitches with just about everything, all along the way.

Invitations had typos (twice! First they left off the time of the wedding. Second time, they misspelled the bride’s name), the wedding dress arrived six weeks late…which created a problem for alterations, one of the trees we planned to use for the altar decorations up-and-died and could not be replaced from anywhere in the entire continent (I know! I checked!), etc., etc., etc.

Gives me a great appreciation for Event Planners. It’s one thing to create and make plans, it’s another thing entirely to cope with glitches.

I have a hunch that event planning is 10% creative ideas/90% flexibility, determination and glitch fixing.

Sort of like life.

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