In their own words…

Dad is in the process of building the Dawdi Haus. It is far from ready to live in yet, but it served well as a hunting cabin on the last day of deer season when Dad decided to sit in there to watch for deer. Sure enough, here come five deer! The third shot he hit sported a 30 foot beam! Yes, he shot one of his new porch posts! So, folks, you are welcome to come for the day and help complete this new hunting cabin, then you can admire his “trophy” on the front porch. Scribe from Meyersdale, Pennsylvania

In their own words…

Recently a young family came home one cold evening with the horse and buggy. Dad forgot how cold it actually was until he popped the flashlight in his mouth so he could see to unhitch and put the horse away. Yes, it immediately stuck to his lips and tongue! He got it removed but not without some pain an a little bit of skin came along. Scribe from Glenmont, Ohio.

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