In their own words…

This week this neighborhood had quite a loss, or at least that’s what some people think. The pair of bald eagles that built their huge nest, probably had their hopes high to raise one little eaglet. On Sunday, the mommy eagle was seen feeding her baby by watching her drop something into its mouth. Daddy eagle was not seen for a few days, leaving the mother with all the feeding responsibilities. When daddy showed up two days later, we think it was too late. As the bird watchers looked on, the pair sat beside each other on the brim of the nest just looking at each other for hours, sometimes staring down into the nest. Daddy eagle, the first one to leave, flew to another tree close by while mother put her head down into the nest and stayed in that position for over an hour. It is estimated the little 12 day old eaglet died on Tuesday. Yesterday both were seen sitting beside each other in the nearby tree. We wonder how long they will stay? Scribe from Gordonville, Pennsylvania

In their own words…

The awesome forces of nature can make a body feel quite insignificant. What a difference it makes when we lift our eyes upward and fix them on God’s majesty! Scribe from Mt. Hope, Ohio

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