In their own words…

A dog (Sheltie) was here to welcome us when we got home Sunday night and was here until this morning when the rightful owner came to claim him to the boys’ sorrow and the cat’s relief. Scribe from Dover, Delaware

In their own words…

We have a purple martin colony of 121 pair. We are close to 500 eggs now and 500 of these have now hatched and around 50 have left the next. When you watch them coming in to feed their young and then leaving again, it reminds you of a big airport. And they always land into the wind and sometimes you get hit by black and white droppings. Mrs. Phillip Ropp had the experience of being dropped on. Scribe from Jamesport, Missouri

In their own words…

One of the neighbors was having some skunk problems around the buildings, so one evening the husband was out after dark and thought he saw a skunk and even the eyes glaring in the dark out back of the house. He got the gun and shot it and came back in and told his wife it’s as dead as a hammer! So they went to bed and the next morning his wife went out to look for the skunk and here he had shot a jug of spoiled cream cheese that his wife had set out back. For more details, ask Joe Y. Scribe in Heuvelton, New York

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