Animals and the Amish…(from The Sugarcreek Budget)

Sam. H’s mama hog was looking for a cooler spot in this hot weather. After breaking out of the hog lot she went for a shady spot which is of course around the house. Being it was laundry day, she spotted a tub of water of soaking dirty laundry. With her snout some clothing was flung out and kerplunk, in the tub she went! Imagine the mom of the house after that. The mama hog moved on. Smile.
~A scribe from Seymour, Missouri

Out here a good many of our folks have milk goats along with the problems they create now and then. David S. bought 2 from a guy, put them into the barn and promptly one goes through the window. This has been a couple weeks ago and it hasn’t been caught yet. It sleeps on a distant neighbor’s porch and when being cornered over the porch railing it goes.
~A scribe from Opdyke, Illinois

Here on the farm we have an orphan kitty. She started nursing one of hte female miniature dogs and has been nursing for a while now. We feel she was saved by the dog. Her siblings had all died and the mother cat disappeared. The dog gets quite upset if the kitty does things, like climbing a tree. The dog will stand underneath and bark and be quite concerned until the kitten comes down. She gets quite concerned when the children want to hold the kitty.
~A scribe from Arcola, Illinois

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