From the Sugarcreek Budget...

Zucchini can be quite plentiful growing on the vine, and this seems to have been a good year for that particular squash. A young other from church planted one and was rewarded with plenty of its fruits. Her little boys fell i love with eating them. But too much of a good thing can sometimes result in otherwise. One evening before supper one little boy was fearful yet another zucchini, and he told his mother in no uncertain terms, “I don’t want anymore of those bikinis!” I guess he would have had some tough chewing if he ate a bikini.   ~A scribe from Fredonia, Pennsylvania

A lot of people aren’t aware that many (most) Amish love birds, and work to attract them to their farms as a natural way to reduce the insect population. Here’s an example of a common story…

This is the week that the barn swallows seem to leave us. We had eight nests in our barn and lean-tos. They had them filled more than once. One nest, the parents are still feeding. Maybe these will have to fly south all by themselves.

I saw a pair of Baltimore orioles yesterday and an olive green warbler of some kind came flittering in on the porch, sitting ont he clothes line just long enough for me to see him, and he gave a nice warbler tune and flew away. Was he telling me good-bye on his trip south?  ~A scribe from Smicksburg, Pennsylvania

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