I did my best to watch the Superbowl.

The Superbowl has jumped to near holiday status–a hugely patriotic event–and food is a primary focus. Grocery stores were as crowded as they were right before Thanksgiving.

But Superbowls have a knack for being the most boring game of the entire year. The teams are just too evenly matched and it ends up being a game of defense vs. defense. The commercials always end up being the best reason to watch.

Loved this one!

The Clydesdale commercials are always great, too, but, unlike 99% of Superbowl viewers, I’m not a beer drinker.

So, in between commercials, the game lived up to its predictable course. Low scoring. Bodies piling up. And sadly, Kurt Warner’s team trailing behind. (I’m a fan of Kurt Warner, a committed Christian with a very cool rags to riches story.)

After half-time, I gave up and walked my dog in the beautiful (and I mean beautiful! like a July morning) California sunshine. I know there are plenty of women who love football…admirable women who can talk stats and plays, but I passed dozens of women walking, with or without dogs.

Did you ever wonder why a football was given the name “pigskin?” It’s because it was once made up of a pig bladder. Hence the name…pigskin. Ick.

No wonder I prefer tennis.

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