My son zoomed out this morning, late, and zoomed back in to ask me for a check for his parking spot. (Which, btw, I still think is outrageous. Pay to park in a high school parking lot?! Talk about voluntary taxation! Whenever I suggest riding a bike instead, Tad looks at me as if I have just landed from Pluto. I don’t understand why kids spend so much time working out at the gym…also known as buffing…but eschew bicycle riding as a mode of transportation. But…I digress.)


I did whip off a check to him and told him I would not rant and rave about how costly a public education is…but not because it doesn’t deserve a good rant. The reason was that I had just received this lovely review, not one minute earlier:

For the Love of Dogs
Suzanne Woods Fisher
ISBN 9780981559292
Vintage Inspirations (2009)
Reviewed by Danelle Drake for Rebecca’s Reads (08/09)

Every now and then a book comes along that you just can’t put down. It touches you in ways you just couldn’t imagine and leaves you feeling just good. “For the Love of Dogs” by Suzanne Woods Fisher one of those books. It is a very compelling, heart touching story. Samantha is a very competent, independent person who finds herself going blind. It is incredibly hard for her to accept the fact that she needs anyone else.

As with most people it is hard for anyone to admit weakness and that is so with Samantha. Her family is supportive but she is having a very difficult time facing her future. She is paired up with a wonderful, talented yellow lab named Azure destined to prepare for what is to come.

In this compelling tale, which has many complex characters intertwining with Samantha, Azure, and Jack, you will cover each emotion possible and leave you feeling drained and fulfilled at the same time. Personally, this book has touched my soul and I can’t wait to read other works by this outstanding author.

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