I’m not getting political. Trust me.

When McCain named Sarah Palin as his running mate, I didn’t know anything about her. But before I got the chance, I turned on CNN and there was a California senator (a female!) saying that Palin didn’t have enough experience and that we could never say that about Barack.

Sarah Palin has five kids–one of whom has special needs. She rose to being Governor of Alaska as a working mother, while managing a household. I’m sorry, but most men don’t have to do that. We’re the ones working, cleaning the house, driving the kids to soccer, and managing the schoolwork.

No experience??? How about skillful negotiating, juggling a packed schedule, prioritizing, diplomatic relations, managing fiscal policies, knowing when to confront and when to compromise? And that’s just at home. Don’t get me started on the difference in work experience between a governor and a senator.

Any woman who has raised five kids can manage this country’s woes.

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