Congrats to Nancylee623, winner of C.J. Darlington’s Thicker than Blood. If you’ll send me your address asap, Nancylee, I’ll pop it in the mail. Was planning to go to the post office this afternoon. Planning to, anyway. The rain we’re getting hammered with in Northern California makes such errands…debatable.

Remember that song? It was one of the few songs I committed to memory on the piano. My poor family got so tired of it! Still…Robert Redford and Paul Newman were the George Clooney and Brad Pitt of my day.

Mother Nature is just warming up…each storm is gustier and rainy-er than the one before it. But we need every single drop out here. When you live in a drought state, rain goes hand-in-hand with thanking God.

Speaking of Mother Nature, isn’t the situation in Haiti almost unfathomable? I heard on the news today that rescue workers are getting experienced with major relief issues because of all the practice they’ve been getting from tsunamis and hurricanes. They’re working on transporting drinkable water–one of the biggest problems–in large “bladders” on relief ships. Wish they had a different name for them, but I’m happy there’s one good thing coming out of these horrific natural events.

Robin Roberts did a segment recently on the faith of the Haitian people, and it was awesome. The video clip isn’t available yet, but as soon as it is, I’ll try to post it. It showed a group of Haitians gathered together and singing aloud, praising God, hands raised, singing about how their Father has never left them, shouting hallelujah. That’s probably a difficult thing when you haven’t had water in two days. When you don’t know where your family is. And when there’s no medical help in sight.

If you would like to help out these hurting people, consider World Vision, a reputable source for outreach. Let’s all keep the Haitians in our prayers, as well as all those who are traveling with aid and relief missions.

In lighter news…Revell’s and Litfuse Publicity Group’s blog tour for “The Choice” started yesterday!

Some exciting news about “The Choice”…for which I thank each and every reader: It’s been a bestseller on CBD since October and is currently CBD’s top pick for fiction.

The blog tour will be making 130 stops! It will be going on through February 13th, then we’re going to wrap it up with a huge celebration on Facebook, Monday eve, February 15th. Lots of nifty prizes will be given out! (Click on the button on the top left portion of this blog for more info.)

So mark your calendar and plan to come!

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