Today, our conversation continues with author and speaker Susie Larson.

Susie, how would you describe the writing journey? Smooth? Bumpy? Or as if you’re pushing a heavy boulder uphill?

I would say I’ve had more of a “crock pot” experience. I’ve been in process for a long time. God has taken His sweet time with me and this at times has been the toughest aspect of my journey.

I once had an editor friend tell me that it’s better to start later and be prepared than to be so anxious to be published that you start weak. He said that some authors never recover from that mistake. His words really resonated with me. I passionately asked God to make me more like Him, to prepare me for His call, and to help me to have the patience to submit to His timing. I also did my homework so that I would be ready when my time came.

For me, most of the struggle has been behind the scenes. God has brought me through some pretty major character cleansing and this has completely transformed my life. My number one goal is actually twofold (and has become my tagline): Deeper life in Christ, Powerful life on earth. Since I feel so convicted in my soul to be building God’s Kingdom and not my own, I’ve been very careful about what I try to accomplish.

At the same time, I am very aware that Jesus has called us to produce a lot of fruit – fruit that will last.

I am not someone who is running this way and that, knocking on every door that I can, trying to get my deal done. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, if that’s what God has called you to do. But that’s not my style. I spend a significant amount of time with the Lord and I try to only do those things He is telling me to do. What’s so wonderful about this is when I do step out and do something that seems over my head, it’s like plucking a piece of ripe fruit off of a branch. It comes without a lot of striving.

What I’ve learned is that God does know my address, He is arranging circumstances on my behalf, and if I regularly allow Him to refine my character and I develop my skills, He will make a way for me.

Look for tomorrow’s post, in which Susie concludes the interview with advice for aspiring writers.

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