In my excitement over Kris Allen’s upset win…I forgot to add that I’m going up to Guide Dogs for the Blind tomorrow morning to pick up my new puppy! All I know is that she’s a yellow lab, female, and her name starts with an “R.”

Guide Dogs assigns a letter for each litter…so all of Miss R’s littermates will be R names. But they don’t use the same name twice for working guides or puppies-in-training. The names can get a little…odd. Especially when they have to start with a vowel. (Seriously. One of my dogs was named Utley. People kept thinking I was calling him Ugly…and he was a beautiful golden retriever!)

I’ll find out Miss R’s name when I pick her up. But in the meantime…let’s do something fun today…whoever comments or e-mails me with the best “R” name…wins a copy of For the Love of Dogs.

So far, I’ve come up with Rahab, Re-Run, Rapunzel.

I woke up this morning and realized that tonight will be my last full night of sleep for a while! Can’t wait for Miss R to give me a holler in the night for a potty call. I’m still missing my Azure quite a bit…but it’s time to move forward.

(For you highly literal people…the puppy in this pix isn’t Miss R. He’s “Hoops”…an 11-week-old lab who has captured people’s hearts…as in, mine. He’s one of the puppy club’s newest members.)

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