In last week’s Wall Street Journal, a story ran about the debut of a new quarterly magazine: Purpose Driven Connection, founded by Pastor Rick Warren and funded by Reader’s Digest Association.

Even though the economic downturn has created a tough climate to launch a magazine, Rick Warren is a headliner. If you aren’t familiar with the phenomenally successful book Purpose Driven Life, you might recognize his name as the giver of President Obama’s Inaugural Prayer.

One thing I loved about Pastor Warren’s prayer was his remark that Jesus Christ changed his life. A simple but profound testimony…to an entire world.

WSJ states that there are an estimated 100 million evangelical Christians in the U.S. alone. A quote from the article: “Mr. Warren, whose message emphasizes deeds over doctrine, says his book’s success shows there is a huge audience of people with some connection to Christianity, or at least a willingness to embrace it.”

Encouraging news!

As one of those 100 million, I hope the best for this new magazine.

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