At last! I was in a bird store on Saturday and saw a $40 metal collar to put around a bird feeder. I was just about to buy it when I remembered that I had a bunch of plastic dog collars, for when my pups had been spayed. So I came home, told my husband about my brilliant idea (I’m good at pointing out problems and he’s good at fixing problems!). He started tinkering around with the plastic collar, made this, and VOILA! The squirrels no longer have access to my bird feeder!

Now, mind you, it’s not that I don’t try to co-exist with wildlife. It’s just that wildlife doesn’t return the courtesy. Wildlife doesn’t share. And those darn squirrels have a gigantic oak tree on the other side of my house. They are JUST FINE.

My songbirds, though, are thoroughly happy with the new security system. I’ll often see more than 20 birds at the feeder at a time! And, hopefully, my bird seed supply won’t be diminished quite as rapidly. Squirrels are greedy.

Now…my next project is to find a way to evict the gopher from my garden.

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