I haven’t posted much about my mom’s hip surgery because, well, I’ve been worried.

First, Mom’s surgery was postponed due to complications: an infection, low blood pressure. She’s 81 years-old. At that age, one thing can lead to another very quickly. She was in great pain with that splintered hip, bedridden and discouraged.

Last Friday, the doctors finally gave the go-ahead for surgery. It was a two+ hour ordeal, and she needed an infusion of two pints of blood.

But…at least it was over!

However, she hasn’t been well since the surgery–the meds have made her feel very nauseated. She even told her friends not to visit. Her voice has been very weak when I’ve called.

Last night, I called, briefly, to see how she was feeling. She kept prolonging the conversation.

Now, anyone who knows my mom knows that getting off the phone with her is a ten-minute process. Let’s just say…she has been blessed with the gift of conversation. Even in college, my friends would count how many times I would say, “Okay, then, I’ll say good-bye.”

When I did finally hang up last night, I smiled. There is no better indicator to me that Mom turned a corner.

Soon, she’ll be ready to resume her tango lessons.

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