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This like its sequel, Copper Fire, contained much more historical detail than I normally find in historical novels I have read. I learned about historical figures and involvement they may have had in events that wouldn’t normally be tied to them.

Granted, this is fiction so I do not take everything as historical fact but some of what I know to be true is also born out in this account of fictional lives in a much clearer fashion than most of the accounts I’ve read over the years. Much of my knowledge is quite vague but the depth of detail in this book and Copper Fire truly portrayed the extent of some of the horrors committed against fellow humans.

While it deepened my understanding of the suffering many experienced under Nazi reign and the things that were done in the name of hand selecting superior humans it was not a violent or gory book at all. The details while not of a descriptive nature per se in terms of specific instances were extremely precise in terms of the extent of the effects on survivors and the numbers Hitler’s minions exterminated.

Again be sure to check out both this book and Copper Fire if you enjoy history. These are some of the most in-depth accounts I’ve seen in historical fiction covering WWII. (ISBN#9780979332746, 292pp, $14.89)

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