The two winners of this week’s giveaways are:

byfaith and cindyf

Ladies, if you could both send me your addresses, I’ll pop a copy of The Choice (or Amish Peace…your pick) in the mail.

Loved the old-fashioned words and phrases that people sent my way! A lot of comments grandparents used to say…

that’s the bee’s knees
piffle doodle
oodles of poodles
that’s a pie crust promise, easily made, easily broken

These were so much fun! Seems as if the “rural life” of our grandparents provided a rich context for vocabulary. I’m not sure the “high tech life” is going to be quite as much fun to look back on.

So welcome to the weekend! My son is a varsity basketball player and the season just started this last week, when my son’s team beat the local private Catholic school (which shall remain unnamed even though they hadn’t lost 90 straight games and it was a sweet, sweet victory).

So I’m spending my weekend in a cold gym on a metal bleacher…but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Hope your weekend is warm and relaxing!

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