Have you seen Julie & Julia yet?

It was such a great movie! My husband and sons loved it, too. Despite the fact that my husband had some kind of digestive disturbance (blamed on my dinner) and a rude person kicked the back of my chair throughout the entire second half of the movie. The entire theatre was sold out, so even though we bought our tickets that afternoon and came back later that night, we sat nearly in the front row. Necks-in-a-crick kind of viewing.

If you have seen it, what was your favorite scene? My favorite was when Julia was practicing her onion chopping skills. She started work at Le Cordon Bleu and chopped an onion like a normal person chops an onion. The chefs left her in their dust. She went home and chopped up dozens of onions until she had it nailed! But her husband walked into the kitchen and his eyes started to tear, he couldn’t breath.

One thing I appreciated about this story was that both Julia and Julie took a very long time to find their passion…and even then, it wasn’t easy for them. Obstacles, disappointments, lengthy delays, and then…at the 11th hour…success! Kind of like this writing gig!

When the movie was finally over, I turned behind me to see who was the CAD…the brute!…who kicked my chair repeatedly throughout this wonderful movie!

It was very little old lady.

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