These are excerpts from Amish scribes’ letters in The Budget…in their own words. Enjoy!

The hotter the sun shines, the colder the ice cream is. That’s what Walter M. would be able to say. He has two solar panels mounted on the roof of his mountain home and Tim has it wired into an inverter and a battery bank. So now Walter has electric to run power tools, lights, and even a refrigerator with freezer. He doesn’t even need to run his generator, it’s all powered by the sun. Walter and Betty don’t need to plant flowers either, they have hillsides of wildflowers growing around them. And, of course, when the flowers pass their season, they still have the majestic tree-covered mountains to look at.


Talking about older folks, it was kind of interesting the other day at school. The kids were discussing how old Kathy is. They had all different ages and they finally narrowed it down to 43-years-old, which was correct. One of older girls remarked, “How can you still run like you do?” She said it’s hard to believe that being that old she could still run that fast. It’s always interesting to hear the remarks from these young kids.


Back in the 1940s at the old brick public school then on this site is where I got my limited education, on two occasions aided by the teacher’s use of what was then known and feared as ‘the strap.’ Some 24 years before that, at the same location, my left-handed father was taught to write with his right hand. This was very successfully taught with the teacher’s ever present heavy wooden ruler rapped across his knuckles when he was caught with a pencil in his left hand. In everything except writing he was left handed all his life. And so the strap and the ruler and a piece of chalk thrown with deadly aim from the teacher’s desk were for many years ‘special education tools.’ They did leave a lifelong impression on we ‘old timers,’ hopefully to our betterment, sometimes perhaps not so.

Source: The Budget, PO Box 249, Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681

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