Can’t believe the new year is already into its second month. I’m still writing checks for 2009. Actually, now and then, I will absentmindedly write one for 1982 and that worries me.

We had a jam-packed weekend. We hosted a breakfast feed for 12 gigantic high school varsity basketball players before The Big Game. I have never felt so short in all my life as I did in my kitchen on Saturday morning, surrounded by boys who ranged from 6′ to 6’8″. They left their shoes piled by the front door and the sight made me laugh…it was like the Jolly Green Giant and friends had come for a visit.

Served waffles (lotsa waffles), egg casserole, sausage, hash browns, fruit and juice. It vanished! Right before our eyes.

And then came The Big Game. My son’s team had beaten this team a few weeks ago…(this team shall go nameless but it is a private school with very deep pockets and a commitment to athletics that rivals college funding). Everyone knew this team was coming back with vengeance in their souls.

Oh my…did they ever! It was not pretty. My son’s team lost, 49-40. So the rest of the weekend was spent licking wounds. Literally. Tad’s eye was poked (sore and red) and he has a huge burn on his knee.

Hopefully, my breakfast was not the cause of the team loss.

On a lighter, much happier note…I found out this very morning that The Choice made the ECPA bestseller list for fiction! #12 spot!

That is very, very good news.

Now that’s the way to start a new month and a new week!

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