As Grit for the Oyster: 250 Pearls of Wisdom for Aspiring Writers releases this weekend, we are launching a Grit for the Oyster blog!

Each Grit author will post on a separate day.

Joanna on Monday
Suzanne on Tuesday
Deb on Wednesday
Faith on Thursday

On Friday’s, we will feature an author. A real, live, breathing author. One who has made it through the obstacle path that derails so many aspiring writers: lack of time, paralyzing self-doubt, a pile of rejection letters (or is that just me?!), and somehow reached that elusive goal: a published book.

We’re going to find out HOW they did it! So you can, too.

Today, we’re featuring Jenny B. Jones…an up and coming YF (youth fiction) author whom everyone should know about. Jenny shares her Big Picture publishing story and her writing secrets….which will no longer be secrets because of the mass quantity of people who read my blog.

Jenny is a high school teacher in Alabama, writes in her “spare time” and…with her sharp-as-a-razor sense of humor–I have a hunch she is beloved by her students. I think I could have actually passed Algebra with a teacher like Jenny B. Jones.

I’ve bought all three of her books as a surprise for my daughter as she heads back to back to college next month. But…I plan to read them all first.

Pop on over and leave a comment! And tell a friend!

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