So as the week starts…

I sent in two manuscripts last week! One was the revisions for Amish Peace: Simple Wisdom for Complicated Lives, and was already told by the editor that the revisions sailed through.

The second was a completed novel, Second Starts. I felt a deep satisfaction with both. I might not be the world’s best writer, but those books are my best writing, to date.

I’ve already started on the second novel, due June 1st, and my mind is bouncing ahead, eager to get it on paper.

But I did take a day off to celebrate! Hardly touched the computer. I played tennis in the morning and then went…Christmas shopping! All by myself, wandering in and out of the stores in a nearby mall. I haven’t been there since summer, when I was raising my little Oriole, a Guide Dog for the Blind puppy. (Our puppy group meets in shopping centers during the summer to socialize the pups.) Anyway…I could NOT believe how many stores have closed, and new ones have popped up in their place…and lots of empty stores, too. Signs of the times.

I made a dent in my Christmas shopping and got reacquainted with…ah, the joy of leisure time!

If you happen to notice the counter on the right hand side…I crossed the threshold of 10,000 hits! Without a drop of advertising. A thank you to each reader, for taking the time to read my ramblings and to share this blog with your friends. I’m grateful for each one of you!

What a way to spend Thanksgiving week!

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