The following is an interview with Jill Hart, founder of a very interesting, very helpful, very popular website called CWAHM.

Q: Hi Jill, thanks for joining me today. First, I’d like to know how CWAHM got started.

A: is a dream that God has truly brought to life. I began in 2000 while learning HTML. I thought it would be a fun hobby and a way to compile all the information I was seeking on working at home.

Q: How has it evolved since its early days?

A: Shortly after I started putting it together, women started finding it in the search engines and emailing me asking how they might be involved. God has taken CWAHM from a small project to a website that contains thousands of pages of ideas, articles, job listings, etc. It’s been so fun to be a part of what God is doing in the lives of moms around the world.

Q: So what kinds of tips would you give another work-at-home mom?

A: I ask myself this question a lot. 🙂 I tend to work whenever the kids are asleep. I also have a very supportive husband and family that keep an eye on the kids often. Many weekends my kids head to Grandma’s house, which gives me some uninterrupted time to work. I’ve learned to work whenever – an wherever – I can find the time.

The tips I would give to other moms would be:

1. Don’t give up – it takes a lot of work and a lot of time, but if you trust the Lord to see you through it IS possible to work from home.

2. Believe in youself – I don’t mean this in a selfish way, but I want moms to remember that God created them each. He gives us each unique talents and dreams. Trust Him and ask Him to show you the best type of opportunity for you. It still make take some trial and error, but He’ll take you through the things you need to experience and will direct your path (Prov. 3:5,6).

Find Jill on-line at and click on her blog for a peek into her personal thoughts about working from home, including her picks on books, news stories and other work at home information.

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