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How can I not with a title like this? 2nd Cup of Coffee

And here’s her lovely review…

First of all, something you should know about the author and her work: Suzanne Woods Fisher’s bestselling debut novel, Copper Star, was the recipient of three literary awards by Reader Views. Not bad for a debut novel!

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to jump right into Copper Fire, a sequel to the award-winning Copper Star. But I was wrong.

Copper Fire has an engaging opening: I’ll never forget that summer night. Our last vestige of normalcy. One evening we sat down to dinner, and by the time we finished, our lives would never be the same.

I happen to love the 1940’s, so I was excited to read Fisher’s take on post-war lives. The protagonist, Louisa Gordon, fled Nazi Germany and began a new life in Arizona, but her past is nipping at her heels as closely as the family dog, “Dog.”

Louisa must deal with the troubled young cousin whom she reclaimed from a concentration camp, a 7 year-old deaf stepson, a husband wounded by a traitorous first wife, a former love who betrayed her, a cantankerous live-in aunt, intolerant townspeople and a big, ever-present dog who is in actuality a character in his own right in the story.

As I read Copper Fire, I secretly looked forward to stealing away some time each evening to allow myself to become absorbed in the plot. You know it’s a good read when after you finish the book, you close it, re-open and skim through it, re-read reviews and determine to read the author’s other works, which I definitely will.

Copper Fire is an engaging novel which I recommend. You can pick up Copper Fire through Amazon.

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