On the heels of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal article that proclaimed coffee to be good for you…I celebrated by going to Starbucks. I ordered a decaf latte with low-fat milk and the server said to me, “Sorry. We don’t have decaf in the afternoon anymore. Not after twelve.”


I get that Starbucks is hurting in this economy, and they need to trim down their overly ambitious menu…but why would a coffee shop cut back on coffee?

I mean, I don’t have an MBA…but it seems logical to make some other cuts, first. Like, why not cut back on decaf in the morning (when people don’t want it) but offer it in the afternoon…when they do?

So now I have to add Starbucks to my ever-growing oxymoron list. “Coffee-less Starbucks.”

Or “Airline Schedules.” Or “Fat-Free Half & Half.” Or “Boneless Ribs.”

I’m even on my oxymoron list! The Choice received a review last week that called it an “edgy Amish romance.” That’s good, isn’t it?

Regardless, “edgy Amish” definitely goes on my list.

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