Been wondering what a book bomb is?

Sounds a little scary, in this day and age of high security alert on just about…everything!

But it’s not! This book bomb is entirely harmless. Downright beneficial!

On Monday, October 5th, Revell Publishers is encouraging everyone so inclined to buy a copy of Amish Peace , send me or my publicist, Amy Lathrop, an e-mail telling us where you bought it…and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a gigantic basket of books from Revell. Not my book…other great Revell authors’ books!

Hope you’ll consider it! Amish Peace makes a perfect Christmas gift for your neighbors, your great Aunt Ethel, your kids’ teachers, your dog catcher, mail man…you catch my drift.

Amish Peace has a gentle Christian message without whacking anybody on the back of the head with a two-by-four. It can be read at many levels. For those who have an interest in the Amish culture. Or…for the deeper message…of incorporating principles of simplicity and forgiveness and God’s sovereignty in your life. A lot of folks are using it for small group study or personal devotions.

One of my Revell editors gave a copy to her pastor…and he quoted it in the Sunday sermon!

So if you’re thinking about buying it…Monday’s the day! And shoot me or Amy an e-mail to let us know, so we can enter your name in Revell’s drawing! or

And thank you!

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