Even though I was raised back east, I think I’ve become “Californian-ized” over the years. When we went through the major sight seeing events of Boston and Philadelphia and Washington D.C., I felt a little stunned by how much war was glorified. Monument after monument had been built to celebrate battles.

I used to love studying those sights, but it felt a wee bit violent to my 2009 sensibilities.

We just don’t have much of that in California. Instead, we name big baseball parks after Silicon Valley companies. That’s our kind of monument.

For example, this is the very spot of the Boston Massacre. Might not seem like much, but with a little help from Paul Revere’s talent for spreading the news, this event kicked off the Revolutionary War:

Here’s Paul Revere’s house…

Now this was fun…great shopping!

I hadn’t been to Washington D.C. since pre 9/11. The additional security measures felt…shocking. You can’t go up those grand entry staircases to most of the Smithsonian buildings…you need to go through a tiny door on the side and walk through metal detectors.

The capitol was evacuated while we were there, so we might have felt the heightened security even…more heightened. Policemen with rifles were positioned all over the capitol building’s porticos and porches.

Not sure if you can see them from this pix…those cops made us feel as jumpy as a cricket about taking pictures.

If those security measures were put in place partly as a deterrent…well, they worked for us. We were thoroughly intimidated.

Even still…even still…Washington D.C. is a remarkable, inspiring, worth-it-to-visit, breathtakingly beautiful city.

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