Susie Larson has spoken locally, nationally, and internationally to thousands of women about such issues as prayer, balance and the power of our choices. She is the author of several books and many articles, and works as a freelance writer for Focus on the Family. Susie communicates the love of Jesus with passion, humor and conviction. Find Susie on-line at

Susie, how did you get started as an author?

In the early years of our marriage we walked through about a seven year journey through the wilderness. I spent months in bed due to high-risk pregnancies followed my many more months in bed due to Lymes disease. I had three little babies, two of which struggled with respiratory issues. Our finances were devastated during this time. The season culminated with my husband’s diagnosis of cancer.

In the earlier part of this journey, I thought God had lost my address. One day an old friend called and said something that would forever change my perspective. She said, “Susie, I’ve heard about everything you are going through and when I prayed for you, I got a picture of a platform from which you will speak someday. God is building a platform from your pain and He is going to use you powerfully. Lean in and learn all that you can.”

That conversation rocked my world. I looked down at my ragged jeans and then at my three little boys who were turning the house upside down and I at once embraced the idea that the One who turned our world upside down was going to use me someday. I wrapped my arms around the pain and the loss I felt during that season. I journaled often and asked a lot of tough questions. I wrestled with God and I eventually learned to rest in Him.

I was a speaker before I was ever a writer. As I told my story, many women asked me to write it in book form so they could share it with others. About seven years ago I self-published my first book, “Mercy in the Wilderness: A Selfish Heart, A Faithful God.”

After that I attended a writers’ conference and hooked up with Focus on the Family. That was about six years ago. I think I’ve written about fifty articles for them. I’ve had articles published in other magazines as well. Five years ago my devotional journal, “Sacred Conversations: An Invitation to Dialogue With God” was published with Lawson-Falle and is still selling today (praise!).

In 2005 my book, “Balance That Works When Life Doesn’t” was released with Harvest House. This summer,“Alone in Marriage: Encouragement for the Times When it’s all up to You” hits the shelves. My next book after that is scheduled to release in April of 2008; both of those books are published with Moody Publishers.

Through it all I’ve been absolutely amazed by the sweetness and redeeming power of God.

Tomorrow, Susie will talk about how her life compares to a crock pot.

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