Linda Danis is the author of the bestselling book 365 Things Every New Mom Should Know (Harvest House). Her story of publication is amazing! So unbelievable it almost sounds like a novel. Now…Linda did her homework…but then the door opened (miraculously!) and she jumped through. Her story is an encouragement to aspiring writers.

Here’s the quick version:

My husband was on a business trip, was upgraded, and struck up a conversation with the man sitting next to him. They had much in common and conversed back and forth during the flight. As they approached the end of the flight, the gentleman mentioned he was the founder and president of Harvest House Publishers. My husband told him about my manuscript and, amazingly, Mr. Hawkins said they might be interested! Fortunately, I had everything ready, so I sent off my manuscript and book proposal thinking he was probably just being polite in offering to look at it. Yet, six months later I received a call from the acquisitions editor saying they were interested in publishing my book!

That book has sold over 40,000 copies and has been featured on the TV show Friends.

To Linda, though, the best part is knowing that her book is helping new moms through that exciting, yet often overwhelming, first year of their baby’s life.

To read the longer version of our interview with Linda, click to go to Grit for the Oyster’s blog

Linda’s book is available through Amazon and can be ordered at your favorite bookstore.

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