I was up in the garden last evening, around 5ish, when my son called to me and said there was someone at the door.

It was a Federal Fraud Investigator.

He flashed his badge and told me he didn’t want to cause alarm…but there was a “situation” that involved me.

Last October, I mailed in my ballot for the presidential election. In November, on election day, my husband went to the polling place to vote about 15 minutes before the polls closed. The poll workers told him that I hadn’t voted and to hurry up and get to the polls. So I zoomed up, told them I had voted by mail…they said it must not have counted…”So vote, Honey!” they told me.

So I did.

And a mere six months later, a Federal Fraud Investigator was at my front door, claiming I had voted twice.

After explaining the situation to the scary Investigator, he took notes and asked if I knew the names of the poll workers. I said no, that they were all as old as Methusaleh, spidery and frail, with ear trumpets and canes and thick glasses. He nodded, gravely serious.

Bottom line, I think I have averted a stint in the federal pokey. That was a relief…because a year or so in prison would be so bad for one’s hair.

Isn’t it good to know how your tax dollars are at work?!

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