Ridiculously high gas prices at the pump…and the strange reasoning behind why it was so high and why it is now so low.

Elections. Any and all. Everything that goes with them, too. Commercials, junk mail, billboards.

One day 500 point drops in the stock market. And then it keeps dropping.

Droughts and fires in California. We welcome every cloud! Every drop of rain!

Brad and Angelina, Tom and Katie, Jennifer and John.

I think the very top of my list, though, is…

Phone calls from the Board and Care that my dad has disappeared and I have to go find him. I do not miss those. Not one little bit, no, no, no. Those panicky phone calls aged me. Blood pressure spiked, hair turned gray. The works!

Got a list of your own? What’s on top?

Tomorrow…the things to look forward to in 2009. And please celebrate wisely tonight. Be safe. Keep others’ safe. Wake up rested and promise yourself that 2009 will be your best year ever.

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