As I come to mid-week, my to-do list is growing! So much to do! It’s a little bit challenging to take off for a book tour on Sunday, right after the Christmas season and just as a book is launching.

Today’s list: Pre-recording a radio show (which requires a lot of research and reading), getting travel details organized, planning for dogs to be where they need to be for the week, thinking (just thinking) about what clothes to bring, worrying about the weather, zoom to the library to drop off/pick up books, a quick game of tennis (yea!), my sister and her family are swooping in for dinner and overnight before heading to Tahoe at 4am Thursday, Tad has a basketball game tonight that we’ll all watch via live streaming internet.

And somewhere in this day, I need to write 1500 words.

Tomorrow is even busier! Haircut at 8:30, actual radio show with Kathleen Fuller (can’t wait!), more writing, Lindsey and Josh and baby Blake return for one quick evening together before returning back to Rhode Island on Friday. So sad to see that baby leave. He changes, daily! Adds a new squeal or a funny face, every day.

Still, you know the day is going to be a good one when you get your cup of coffee, flip on the radio station  and hear this:

Good Things are Coming!

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