Welcome back to Thoroughly Modern Mimis! Mimi, Grammy, Nana, GiGi, Oma, Grandma . . . they’re all terms of endearment for one of the most important roles in life’s second act: grandparenting. And what a grand act it is!



My grandmother taught me unconditional love. The best thing about being a grandma, all the hugs even as they get older. —Jettie

Best thing about being a grandma for the first time, it’s a new kind of love. You love your children, but when you have a grandchild, it’s a fresh love and a fresh start. You can teach your grandchild things that you didn’t get to teach your children. You can love them with no stress … just lots of love! —Rosemarie

My grandmother taught me about love and God. The best thing about being a grandmother is the hugs and kisses and them saying, “I love you, maw maw!” —Frank & Brenda

My grandmother told me at a young age that God made us all the same so be kind to everyone! I try my best to follow that advice to this day. —Sandra

Best thing about being a grandma is the memories of my children when they were little and seeing the wonderful parents they have become. Best thing my grandma taught me … how to make sugar cookies to share with those grandchildren! —Cynthia

Both my grandmothers taught me love, the importance of God and church in my life and how to pray. —Donna

Fun, laughter, love and lots of hugs. —Wendy

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My grandmother taught me all kinds of things. I guess the best would be to be able to laugh at myself. I remember going to stay with her one time and we went out on the lake in inner tubes. She flipped over and came up with a seaweed wig!!! We both laughed so hard!! I spent a great deal of time laughing with my grandmother! My grandchildren are all her two, but I look forward to being that kind of grandma to them. —Kelly

My Granny taught me so many things it is hard to pick one. She was a woman ahead of her time. She had such a head for business. My Grandparents owned a grocery/gas station. She taught me to cook by example and to love the same way. —Marbeth

My Grandma taught me my love of reading and books. —Maria

I’m not a grandma yet, but my grandma taught me strength. My grandmother had 9 children and lots of grandchildren. I never heard her complain ones. I often wonder how did she cook for everyone on the holidays. —Gidget

Being the kind of grandma to my grandchildren that my grandma was to me. She left me a legacy of love & I want to leave mine the same. Once when my youngest granddaughter was about 3, she brought me a bouquet of weeds. I kissed her & thanked her, got a vase, & we put them in it & set it on the kitchen table. I remembered my grandmother doing the same for my little cousin when he was that age. She taught by example! —Janet

My beloved Memo taught me write thank you notes and be nice to others, respect, and cooking. —Holly

There is just no way one can explain what joy a grandchild can bring to your life. That child will completely change your disposition when they come over. The love you have is indescribable until it happens to you. Grandchildren teach you to have fun and love beyond words. —Sharon

My grandmother showed me the importance of earnest prayer. —Walter

My grandmother was my cheerleader, and I wanted to be just like her. I learned patience, humility and the love of needlework. —Aquilla

Granddaughters give the best hugs … and so did my Grandmas! —Cathy

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