Welcome back to Thoroughly Modern Mimis! Mimi, Grammy, Nana, GiGi, Oma, Grandma . . . they’re all terms of endearment for one of the most important roles in life’s second act: grandparenting. And what a grand act it is!

I asked on Facebook, “What’s the funniest thing your grandkid has said or done?” and you shared hilarious stories! Below are a some stories that will make your heart smile! Share your favorite grandkid moment in the comment section for the chance to win a copy of Amish Values for Your Family!


Last year, I went to Grandparent’s Day with my granddaughter, who was in Kindergarten at the time. I’d been staying with my daughter and son-in-law for awhile, and I suffer horribly from hot flashes. So, we go in, and she takes me to this table where several of her little friends were sitting with their grandparents. She says “this is my grandma . . . she sweats . . . A LOT”!! Oh my gosh, I just wanted to crawl under the table! —Sue Lehman

My 5-year-old granddaughter was telling the story of Adam and Eve to my husband when she looked at him and said, “Grandpa, did God take one of your bones to make Grandma?” haha! Children just say the sweetest things! —Colleen Rowley McCauley

When kids and grandkids were here for Thanksgiving, my son-in-law and 3-year-old grandson were looking at family pictures in the hall. When they got to the last one—wedding pic of my husband and me—SIL told grandson that was Nana and Papa Don. Grandson said, “Wow! They look new!” —Pam Wright Burke

My Nephew was 4 years old and saw a news segment about what to get the Queen of England for her birthday, since she has everything. He piped up and said, “I know what she needs, a gift card to Walmart. Bet she don’t got one of those.” We all laughed, because he was right. —Debbie Schultz McLaren


My 2-year-old granddaughter has been getting in trouble lately for saying “Shut your mouth” . . . she and her dad had been playing and he told her it was time to get ready for bed. He goes out of room and yells for her to come on . . . eventually he goes back to get her after no response from his frequent request . . . he finds her still playing. He said “Sydnii, let’s go,” to which she replied with much thought “Shut your . . . mustache.” She still got in trouble. —Sonja Tingle Goins

My 2-year-old granddaughter, after being very quiet in the kitchen, walks into the living room and says “I ate dog food!” —Susan Parker Ljunggren

My aunt took her 2-year-old granddaughter to church with her. Her granddaughter was tired and wanted to go home, so she stood up in the pew and said very loudly, “Say AMEN preacher!” She knew after he said amen on the final prayer she could go home! —Donna Butler Harmon

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