A few weeks ago, down a main road in my town, someone illegally dumped a mattress. No one has bothered to do anything about it. Week after week, there it sits. And then last week, someone else dumped two more mattresses on top of the first one!

There’s a scientific theory that goes something like this: junk begets junk.

It’s actually been proven. Litter attracts the eye and attracts more litter. Conversely, people are less likely to litter if an area is clean and cared for.


Junk begets junk–in our homes, on our roads, along the freeways. It’s like bunnies.


I’m not sure what’s going to happen to those mattresses. We’ve called the county (we live in an unincorporated area) and spoken to a mattress hauling company, who want quite a bit of $$$ to cart it away. So for now, there they sit. But stay tuned . . . I’m still working on this problem.

I read that litter and dumping occur because people don’t take ownership and assume someone will clean up after them.

Now, on a positive note, my friend’s neighbor walks every day and carries a plastic garbage bag to pick up rubbish. I’ve seen her! So impressive. She’s willing to inconvenience herself and take ownership of a little piece of her town. She’s inspired me to clean up litter when I take the dogs for a walk. I’m not quite as noble as this lovely woman–I don’t take a bag, but I do try to pick up one thing on each walk and toss it in a garbage can. Imagine if we all did that–just one piece of litter a day.

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Do you have a similar frustration of dumping/littering in your town or neighborhood? Better still, a solution? I’d love to hear it! 

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