I gave a shower for a friend’s daughter a few weeks ago. Lindsey and fiance Drew have a unique theme for their wedding: olives. I found Caspian olive paper plates…(my favorite go-to for a beautiful, sturdy paper plate) and went from there! Lindsey’s mom, Katrina, brought over the succulents for the table tops. She covered the plastic containers with a soft green fabric…which matched the napkins like we had planned it. We hadn’t!


I still needed something to soften the tabletop’s look…there was too much blank space and the succulents had a stark look. So I started to hunt through my cupboards and found these small white containers.


I liked the look of the white containers…but wasn’t sure what to fill it with. Normally, I fill the containers with colorful with jelly beans for an Easter table top. I couldn’t find anything in the kitchen that worked…and time was running short.


If I’d thought of it sooner, I would have used those chocolate covered almonds that kind of look like olives. Even nuts might have worked. No time this morning to shop, though. I needed something pronto…

So I went out in the garden with my scissors. And there it was! Rosemary. Just the right look with those succulents.




I think the rosemary made a big difference, don’t you?


The final touch was these little chocolate covered graham crackers, decorated by the Danville Chocolate Company. I borrowed the idea from my friend Pattie, who had them at my daughter-in-law’s shower. The guests love them…there’s never a cookie forgotten.



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