A curious thing happened after my children received their driver’s licenses. After endless frustration at losing car keys, I collected extra sets of car keys and kept them in a tin hidden in my bedroom.

When my family had only one set of car keys, everyone knew where the keys were. They don’t get lost. We have a half-wall between the entry way and the living room; on it sits a tray for car keys. But when we had several sets of car keys, we could never find the keys when we needed them. Lots of wasted time hunting around the house, in pants pockets, in purses, for lost keys. No longer! Having extra sets of things can get strangely complicated.

Over the years, I’ve discovered this same phenomenon applies to many things: sunglasses, purses, lipsticks, dog leashes. Maybe a carelessness sets in when you think you have plenty—but I’ve discovered that the less I have, the more I have.

So what one thing gets lost the most in your home?  

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