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Have you ever found yourself getting into a situation that made you uneasy? Something about it just didn’t feel comfortable. If you listened to your intuition, you were probably right. If not, you were probably sorry.

All of us come equipped with intuition. Common sense. The voice of experience. Too often, we override it or don’t pay attention to it.

Last January, there was a segment on the Today show that showed how women needed to learn to listen to their instincts to keep them safe in social situations:

The point of the study was that your first instinct in a dangerous situation was probably the right one.

A few years ago, I was staying in a nice hotel—very safe, very oriented to business clientele. I went into the elevator, and a hotel employee came in behind me. Something felt odd. He waited until I pressed a button for my floor, then he smiled, as if that was just the floor he needed. I knew something wasn’t right, but I wasn’t sure what to do. (Looking back, I should have stayed in the elevator and gone right back down to the lobby.) Instead, I went to my room and locked the door. Each room had a small mail chute. Through the peephole of the door, I saw this employee peer into each room through that small mail chute. I called security right away and told them what this employee was going. I wasn’t sure if he was just watching women or checking to see if they were alone—or who knows what else. It wasn’t good, I had no doubt. Thankfully, nothing happened to me, but the point was . . . I knew the minute he got into the elevator that something didn’t feel right.

What are your thoughts about intuition? Do you think of it as common sense, learned experience, or Something More? Have you ever had a moment like mine . . . when you heeded your intuition?

I think of it as that still, small voice that takes practice to listen to and to recognize (John 10:4). But what a difference it makes!

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