One of my New Year resolutions is to be more consistent with blog posts. It’s such a great way to interact with all of you. So…I’m kicking off 2019 with a Dress the Dinosaur photo contest.

My niece, Hilary, moved into a house that is two doors down from this gigantic dinosaur. She thought the neighbors had set it up for Halloween…but no! Oh no, no, no. This dinosaur is a year-round yard decoration.

Over Christmas, our family had some fun pondering what we would do to dress up the dinosaur, if it were in our yard.

My son suggested a shower cap. More ideas: a French beret on its pointy skull and a dashing scarf around its bony neck. Tin foil braces on its teeth.

My best idea is a Donald Trump wig (and please do not take that as a political comment! It’s not. When it comes to on-line politics…I am Switzerland. Totally neutral).


What about you? How would you dress up the dinosaur? Please leave a comment with your best suggestion.

And check back next Friday to find out if your idea for Dress-the-Dinosaur is picked as the winning comment. The prize is a signed book!

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