In my garage are some boxes of my mom’s that I’m going through slowly. Mom passed away, unexpectedly, in early February, and we cleaned out her apartment within a day of her death. That was not an easy task! To pack up a person’s life is no small thing.

The other day I found a recipe box that my mom had saved. It was filled with yellowed old recipes from her mother. Over the weekend, I went through each recipe. Fascinating for so many reasons!

The sentimental one–seeing my grandmother’s careful and feminine handwriting. Thinking of her copying down this recipe on an ordinary day in her life…without any thought that one day her granddaughter would be pondering it. How often she entertained–lots of company dishes. How generous she was to give credit to friends or family for each shared recipe.

And then discovering what kinds of food she cooked and served on a regular basis. So different from today’s fare!

Here’s an example (and I do NOT recommend trying this recipe!):

So what’s in your recipe box? Do you have an old family recipe that you still use? How old is it? Please share in comments!

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