Considering the pandemic, heat waves, wildfires, power outages, some earthquakes that have jiggled the SF Bay Area, I’m ready to fill my mind and soul and heart with knowledge about a God who never changes, whose love endures forever.

I’ve signed up for Bible Study Fellowship, on-line. BSF is an international, non-denominational Bible study where classes around the world are studying the same lessons during the same week.

It is so good. So in-depth. So life changing. So faith building.

BSF has been around a long time. (I remember my mom doing BSF lessons on our dining room table.) Meeting on-line is somewhat new, though. Years ago, when my children were young, I did five of the studies. They became foundational years for me as a Bible student and as a young wife and mother. I’m eternally grateful for those years.

Currently, there are ten studies: Romans, Matthew, Isaiah, Acts, Genesis, and Revelation, the Life of Moses, John, People of the Promised Land 1 (Joshua, Ruth, Samuel, David, Solomon), and People of the Promised Land 2 (the divided kingdom and the minor prophets).

Genesis is this year’s study–one of my favorites, as it unfolds like a story, full of unsavory characters and unlikely heroes.

By inviting others, three of my friends, scattered around the country, have jumped online and signed up.

Friends, if you have ever wanted to attend BSF but couldn’t because of time schedules or because they didn’t offer in-person classes in your city or town, now is your chance! Go to BSF International and check it out. There are online Zoom classes offered all days of the week and at all various times. There’s sure to be one that will work for you. I know you won’t regret it.

Hope you’ll sign up! This is a good time for a good, in-depth Bible study.


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