1) These are more snapshots from my research trip in October. Mystic Seaport has a wonderful living history museum—historic ships and a 19th-century village. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area! 2) The Charles W. Morgan is the only wooden whaling ship left in the world! Built in 1841, the ship sailed on 37 voyages. 3) The on-ship “factory.” This is how they cooked down the whale’s blubber. 4) The harbor of Mystic Seaport.


Here are more shots of the boat. 1) The Captain’s quarters. 2) The deck of the Charles W. Morgan. 3) The dining table/ chatroom/ everything else. 4) I tried to get some pictures of how small the Captain’s quarters were—so compact!


1) The crew would chase the harpooned whale in this small boat. Ever heard of a Nantucket sleigh ride? This is it… 2) They would use oakum as caulking between deck boards.


1) A blacksmith shop. Critically important job, along with the cooper (barrel maker). See the harpoons? 2) Sleeping quarters for the sailors in the forecastle. They had high-edged bunks so they didn’t fall out when the ship lurched and rolled.  3) Little bottle of amber colored whale oil in the back of this picture. 4 & 5) Some of the ways to navigate the ocean: chronometer and sextants.

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